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OCTO means number eight and has a symbolic relationship with infinity and continuity. And that's what we believe in. We think it is human nature to continuously improve himself into a better version of self. And this applies to every endeavor we undertake in our lives, personal or professional.


While spiritual gurus influence and transform our personal lives, we @OCTO, in our own humble way, have undertaken this mission to help businesses transform themselves into a better, bigger and greater version of themselves.

OCTis a very recent phenomenon and is an outcome of a perfect marriage of ideologies, skills, and interests of our team.

Meet our team!

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Kaushal Chokshi, our founding member is a true blue business brain. He comes from an accomplished pedigree of businessmen, his father being an established veteran businessman in Bharuch, India, one of the biggest industrial hubs of the state of Gujarat.

Kaushal has done his Masters in Finance & Investment from University of Leeds, UK. He also holds a Diploma in Family Business Management and is a Certified Project Management and Data Analysis professional.


He established himself as an accomplished Research Analyst @ K C Mehta Consulting and gathered over 5 years of experience in the field of Primary & Secondary Market Research.


Subsequently, he pursued his passion to be his own boss and started working as an independent consultant. His work took him to various places, including the mysterious lands of Africa, specifically Swaziland, Zambia and Bostwana. While working there, he gathered excellent insights about doing business in Africa.


In August 2017, Kaushal formally opened doors of his Market Research and Analysis business under the name of Octo Research and Consulting which is now known as OCTO.

He is our business development powerhouse and also heads our Market Research and Brand Building offerings.


Kaushal is a warm and kind-hearted human being and is very passionate about his art. He is an ardent follower of Steve Jobs' visions and philosophies. He also has strong interests in spirituality and invests his available time in reading books about it. You can speak to him at length about Shri Sadhguru.


You can learn more about Kaushal on his LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

Anant Acharya joined OCTO in April 2018.

He is an alumnus of the Prestigious Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from MSU's Faculty Of Technology & Engineering.


Anant started his professional career with Tata Consultancy Services Limited, one of the topmost technology companies in the world. He grew through the ranks of the company very fast, progressing from a Software Engineer all the way through to being a Program Manager managing a resource pool of over 100 technology experts. 

His work with TCS also took him to overseas locations and gave him an exposure to the international standards, practices and professionalism. He spent about three years in Atlanta, US working on various assignments for General Electric. He also got a chance to work in Oman and UAE on various assignments. 

In his 10 years with TCS, Anant gained expertise in the field of business process analysis and cutting-edge technologies such as Oracle e-Business Suite (popularly known as Oracle ERP) and webMethods, an enterprise application integration technology platform. 

Subsequently, his skills and professional outlook was recognized by one of his UAE based clients, Etihad Airways who offered him an amazing opportunity to lead their HR department's technology footprint. In his capacity as Head of Technology (HR), Anant led multiple projects delivering over 50 new business processes and enhancements and increased the utilization of their HR systems by over 300% in a period of three years. For his efforts, he was also awarded Employee of the Year award.

Being an engineer at heart, Anant has always had a keen eye for data and analysis. He showed the power of data to the Executive team at Etihad Airways, and they rewarded him by giving him a free hand to create his own Data Analytics Team of world-class analysts. For four years, Anant led his team to deliver savings worth USD 120 mn through various insights and analysis that contributed immensely to the success of Etihad Airways' Human Resources Team. 

He, however, always wanted to come back to his homeland and thus returned back to Vadodara where he belonged. After a serendipitous meeting of minds with Kaushal, Anant began his new stint as the co-founder of OCTO.

Anant is the Process & Analytical brain of OCTO and leads our Business Transformation & Analytics offerings. He also has a flair for creativity and technology and oversees our Design services too.

Anant is a gentle human being who thrives on honesty and integrity. He loves to talk about his experiences of the Corporate world and his passion for technology and data analysis. He also is genuinely interested in people's ideas and experiences and believes that every experience is a learning opportunity. 

He is influenced by strong will and spirit of adventure. He has trekked Machu Picchu in Peru and is currently preparing to trek Mout Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

He is also a fan of mystery and courtroom drama movies. Quote the iconic "You can't handle the truth!" line from the brilliant movie A Few Good Men, and see him fire up!

Check out Anant's full professional career profile on LinkedIn by clicking here

Through our positive mindedness, rigor and tenacity, we have been able to bring a positive change to a number of businesses in the local sector.  Our clients usually describe our work as thorough, insightful, and most importantly value adding. However, whenever we have not been able to live up to these standards, we have apologized, introspected and analyzed where we missed the mark and have challenged ourselves to be better, do better. And that is another quality that our clients appreciate in us. 

Clients That Have Found Us Value Adding
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